We know that an ‘off the shelf’ software solution
isn’t always right for a lot of businesses, that’s why we can tailor something to suit your own needs. This can range from customising software packages, or writing bespoke programs.

At ACIT, we strive to be a technology partner, which means we always keep your best interests at the
forefront of what we do.

That’s why we make a point of listening to your
individual needs, and using our expertise, to guide
you on an approach that we feel will have the most successful outcome, whatever your industry may be.

Faster Initial Development

ACIT are experts in Microsoft Access. We recognise that not every business runs on large cutting edge technology and sometimes smaller solutions are suitable for your needs. We also use Access for faster initial development of projects which can later be transitioned to .NET once the application has been agreed. This is also suitable if you only need lighter database installations.

Develop Platform
Independent Applications

ACIT specialises in using the Microsoft .NET framework to develop applications for Windows-based computers. .NET is a robust and proven technology that gives thousands of users around the world secure, faster and more reliable software applications. It also allows us to develop applications much faster and more accurately than other platforms, with quicker deployment to your users.

Application Use

ACIT excels in developing web based applications.
These can be accessed anywhere from multiple platforms. The use of these applications can be widespread or more restricted depending on your business requirements.


We believe in remaining agile during the development cycle. That’s why we keep you involved in the development process. You can review and test the application while it’s being molded to your needs, to make sure we get it right before it goes live.

Integrate with
Legacy Systems

Our job is not complete until our software has been properly integrated with your existing system. We have extensive experience with a wide range of business systems, and we know how to integrate your legacy system with our software in the most efficient manner without compromising your security.

Provide Future Support

With the fast paced development of technology, we want to make sure your business can keep up with it. That’s why we provide ongoing support and suggest beneficial upgrades or modifications for your software to help ensure your business evolves with future demands.


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